I am a wife and mom

I have been married to an incredible man since 2007 and we have 3 beautiful kids.  


I am a Network Marketing Professional

I have owned an online Health and Wellness business since 2010.


I am a fitness professional

I have been a Group Fitness Instructor since 2004.


I AM A CERTIfied health coach

I have been a certified health coach since 2018.  


i am passionate about living a full life

The way in which I can fulfill my passion is to do my best every day to make a difference in some way.  Whether it's with kind words, or by motivating someone to push themselves further, or mentoring someone in business or by encouraging others to step into their greatness.

My vision for my life is to leave a 500 year legacy.  I want my actions in this life to continue being felt 500 years from now.  I don't need people to know my name but I need to know that I made a difference.  


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